To celebrate Halloween, I'm resurrecting a drink I created last year. I call it the Blood Clot. Perfect for a halloween dare. It looks and sounds disgusting, but it tastes sweet and fruity. Only the brave will ever truly know...

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In a standard shot glass add the following in this order;

3/4 Peach Schnapps
1/8 Amarula
1/8 Grenadine

Posted by Ben Labels:
So as I sat in the goddamn Doctor's office...for an HOUR, I had a few entertainment choices. One was watching the Family Guy movie on my brand spankin’ new video iPod. The other was staring at the oft corny info-posters in the office. the 'vPod' is always entertaining, but so are the posters - each in their own special way. I particularly enjoy the posters that are only in Spanish. I think one was about feet. It had a foot clip art image. Another I interpreted as being about birthing. It had, like...birthing stuff on it.

One poster I enjoyed was one titled "Slow Metabolic Syndrome" It featured this rather large man. It's done old-school. That means, for medical illustration, it was airbrushed. Some artists apparently still do that (and by golly, good for them). Fatty (who somewhat resembles me...only in pure fatness) has this retarded grin on his face. He suspiciously looks like he has down-syndrome. Maybe all us fatties look like that. No. I know I don't.

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