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Magazine Article
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Page excerpt from SVM Mac magazine out of France. I was contacted by their editor in chief and flikr user Milledix.He asked to print my pix of Jackie, "iPhone Love", in the magazine! How could I say no? So Jackie, and my iPhone are getting some attention across the pond.

Link to the Original Photo:

iPhone Love

Make sure to check out SVM Mac magazine. It looks cool!


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I'm moving to bloggers server instead of mine...lets hope it goes smoothly.
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I've decided to host my site on Apple's dot mac servers. Lets see how many things break in the process! Bear with me kids.
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Test prints for sale of "iPhone Love", the tentative February 2008 spread in the calendar I'm working on. Prints on 13x19 watercolor paper starting @ $25! CHEAP! Proceeds to help production costs associated to being an independent, un-sponsored and yet undiscovered artist. Only 5! Signed too!
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Book for sale!
book for sale
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