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Holy shit, it's Glenn. I've worked with this cool guy at least 20 different companies over the past 342 years. I'm out of my element at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and low and behold, I run into the man again. Do you understand the odds? I'm roaming around a foreign country and I run into a guy a know at a bar.

What does this prove?

Bars are the hub of a civilized world.

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I assume (hope) a few folks may be popping by the site that I met (or they find a discarded business card) at the confrence. So to make things easier here's a few links that ya'll may be interested in;

My illustration portfolio

A link to a HD Flash version of the animation (it's slightly different than the QT versions belows).

Links to Character profiles / design sheets:

Seven ProfileSeven Design

Pinky ProfilePinky Design

Milfana ProfileLeroy Profile

Lez-Lee ProfileLez-Lee Design

Green Face ProfileGreen Face Design

Haji Poo Profile
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Will's Star
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I had too.

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So I'm out in L.A. for business. My comrades and I are roaming Hollywood, we wander into a gift shop. Joe spots a young starlet pair - no doubt dressed to get attention. They were exploring something near the ground, and who - I ask - who am I to refuse a plumber's crack photo?

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