The streak is still alive, Tim Horton's
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Undefeated? Just lazy? Yeah, that's probably more like
it. I have this running personal joke (on me) with the Tim Horton's in
Brockport. I hit the drive through at least 1-2 times a week.
I usually order the B.E.L.T. combo. For those that don't know, that
stands for "bacon egg lettuce tomoato" sandwhich. It's a good
sandwhich, especially when it's done my way (is that someone else's

I always request what has become an insermountable obsticle by asking
to replace the bacon for sausage. EVERY single time, they fuck it up
and give me the default setup (bacon). People, this isn't a few times, we're
well into the double digits here. At least 20 times. To fuck up a
simple order 20 consective times? That's shameful.

It used to 'amuse' me. It's become maddening. I don't check at the
drive through lane before I pull out mainly out of respect to the line
behind me. But this little personal joke is just showing that not a
single person is making a personal effort for basic and simple
customer service. I assume the sandwhichs are made and sitting in a
bin. Open one up, pull out the shitty bacon and put in a piece of
sausage. Wrap it up. Hand it to me. Easy.

Now I'm going to have to be 'that guy' that repeats the order and
then make the cashier repeat the order. Then I'll have stop the flow
and open my order to check before pulling out. That's how it has to be.

About an hour ago it happened again. For the 21st and 22nd time.

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It's always sunny in Buffalo
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When your above the clouds, the sun always shines. Even in Buffalo. It
helps if it's during the day too. Duh.

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Wee bit of lightning
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It's really hard to capture lightning with a normal camera. With this
it's damn near impossible. After a few dozen late clicks this was the
best I could do. Shot through the bedroom screen door. Of course you
realize that as I type this, like a hundred sweet bolts tease me.

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So we got invited to a kegger at Joe and Nic's place out in Mendon. More pics from the event, and mark you, it was an event after the jump. I also put together a lil video from the pics.

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Action in an attached Power Point
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So a buddy sends me a scientifically facinating PPT (Power Point Presentation). As I was examining a particular slide I thought, "What happens if I try to save a pic?" (like you can since the iPhone 2.0 update). What I've found is that an ‘Action’ pop up appears. But what is the action? I had an action in mind, but alas, poor iPhone did 'nought.

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Oh look, another crash.
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Yep. iPhone's black screen of death. This time after confusing the
shit out of it whilst using the AP app and daring to inspect the
settings. I'm supeised I was able to get a screen grab.

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Spell check slang?
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Ugh. I use a lot of slang when I write. In most cases the iPhones
spell checking is very helpful. But not when you slanging. Especially
when you get on a roll with your thumbs and you look up to read what
you wrote and you have this;

“duck den slutty test punchers "
“eat some of my lovely oak nuggets" Well I guess that one kind of
works out.

Well then, have at this one;

“ fry met grin cub losely based in man titty sweat monkey balls. "

Check and mate. Apple please add custom dictionary tools, or at least
an American slang dictionary.

Duck you, do both.

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And typing lag too
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As if the crashed weren't enough, how about the typing lag that seems
to haunt web forms. One min. it's fine, then bam it's like delay city.
One thing I've found is That you can type through it, all you
characters get captured bug you just have to not watch the keypad.

Pain in the ass.

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Why the fuck does this phone keep crashing?
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Stability, where art thou? I get a lot of random home crashes on this
phone. Which must mean I need to do a soft reset again. Note, AGAIN.
I'm using mobile safari for fuck's sake. A Native app. I expect
crashes when I'm using Pandora or HaHaHa (and boy am I not
disapponted) but c'mon.

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Time to kill before
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Chicago Apple store. Neat. People in line for iPhones. Su

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Du cu unseti
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