The streak is still alive, Tim Horton's
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Undefeated? Just lazy? Yeah, that's probably more like
it. I have this running personal joke (on me) with the Tim Horton's in
Brockport. I hit the drive through at least 1-2 times a week.
I usually order the B.E.L.T. combo. For those that don't know, that
stands for "bacon egg lettuce tomoato" sandwhich. It's a good
sandwhich, especially when it's done my way (is that someone else's

I always request what has become an insermountable obsticle by asking
to replace the bacon for sausage. EVERY single time, they fuck it up
and give me the default setup (bacon). People, this isn't a few times, we're
well into the double digits here. At least 20 times. To fuck up a
simple order 20 consective times? That's shameful.

It used to 'amuse' me. It's become maddening. I don't check at the
drive through lane before I pull out mainly out of respect to the line
behind me. But this little personal joke is just showing that not a
single person is making a personal effort for basic and simple
customer service. I assume the sandwhichs are made and sitting in a
bin. Open one up, pull out the shitty bacon and put in a piece of
sausage. Wrap it up. Hand it to me. Easy.

Now I'm going to have to be 'that guy' that repeats the order and
then make the cashier repeat the order. Then I'll have stop the flow
and open my order to check before pulling out. That's how it has to be.

About an hour ago it happened again. For the 21st and 22nd time.

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