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I just completed my latest painting, 'Terri' for my current series, 'Clean'.

Clickable Thumbnails;

Terri Schmidt works at Greece Olympia as a teacher, and from what I'd expect, she's a gifted teacher. Terri volunteered to sit for me in my studio a few months back. Terri, and her husband Peter (who also sat for me: work to be posted later) are pretty close friends of Christy and I. Seeing as how I am familiar with her personality, I was looking for a very particular image from our photo session. Of all the forty plus photos, this is the only one that caught a piece of personality. It was just the perfect moment. While some could interpret the expression as smug, or pompous - I can ssure you that it's best representative of her confidence and strength. She a strong lady, and smart. Although my wife will throw a few blonde jokes at her and her daughter - she really is quite smart (so is her daughter btw).

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chuck said...

So Benji, tell us the technique here.

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