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Mike (Vanessa's husband) shows up today with a new slick toy - an Anakin Skywalker light saber (and for those keeping score, it also become Luke's light saber in Episode IV, until he gets it whacked off - with his hand - in Episode V, by none other than Darth Vader, who was originally Anakin*) from Master Replicas. Within minutes he was face to face with Dan Curto's** (resident Star Wars super guru) Dart Vader light saber. I happened to snap this lil diddy while the two were mocking a half-assed scuffle. This photo (like ALL the camera phone images) was not altered - those LED blades are bright! In case anyone is thinking of getting one of these for about $100-$120 (YMMV) - DO IT!. They are awsome. They light up, they make the sound effects, they have motion sensors for all the swishing sounds. Plus they also make the crackling sounds when they hit something. The blade is a pretty sturdy plexiglass (?I think?). And they're durable! You can whack someone, or something. DO IT! In the background you can see McCoy wishing he had something bright and red he could swing around.

Any way, I'm jealous. I want one. I want the Mace Windu one though - it's all like gold and purple an' shit.


* Please excuse the geek attack
** Dan's cube is also the inspiration behind our (Greg and I) undeveloped short film screenplay, "After Hours". You can see pics of a small part of his Star Wars cube decorations here. I'm jealous.
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