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It's amazing to me how wide the reactions vary with my last posting. Some are supportive, a small few are anti. People I've known for years seem to have forgotten that I was a Fine Arts artist before I knew them, and most likely will be long after as well. Nothing riles up the fear and distrust more than a naked woman. And to think I dared to call it art. The audacity, the sheer naive judgement to call something I created as art, and to treat it as such. I guess I feel the need to justify myself - but then, the educated, rational side of me screams that I need not do such a thing to anyone ever. But I'll try anyway. Call it the forever diplomat in my psyche. I don't like having people mad at me. Especially people that I care about.

Will I do nude photography again? Most likely not. The storm is not worth the exploration. Does the censorship stop there? I doubt it. I'm at a delicate junction where I'm allowing precedent. The notion that anyone other than myself could possibly influence my vision fills me with utter disgust. Disappointing someone I care about does too.

I normally do very safe art - portraits. Very safe. No one gets hurt. No one sees a boob. Will I get flack for doing pinups? I need models for that - they may not go nude, but they will be suggestive, and strategically posed. Folks who claim they know me, know full well that I have an admiration for classical pinup art. Varga, Petty....peers that have stood face to face to me supposedly admiring along with me. Perhaps they agreed so they could relate to me better.

So how do I get away with Paint Monkeys, Inc.? I guess thats my 'outlet' one could say. a pat on the head for my quiet 'rebel yell'. There is more dark hearted truthful emotion in those, than in anything I do. I cuss in it, draw strippers, suggest disgusting acts.... oh wait, maybe that's the line. I'm a crazy cartoonist. Whacky satirist. Cartoons aren't real people - no real boobs.

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