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X-Men 3, The Last stand is one stand too much. I'm a big fan of the comics, and I've been pleased with the movies thus far. This (hopefully) last installment falls pretty short of even the low bar the previous two films set. I know comics have changed since I stopped being able to afford them but, man, I know my X-Men history. Making Juggernaut a mutant for the movie was my last straw. Now I can get geeky, but I'll end my 'barely even realized Juggernaut rant' with this; Making him a mutant was a poor story tool. Keeping him a non mutant meta-human would have made for an interesting plot devise at a certain point in the movie. (see? no spoiler..) Also keeping him a Meta-human would have expanded the possibilities in the 'Hollywood Marvel Universe'. I assume that's just too complex for the popcorn eating sheep, and it all needs to be wrapped up nice and simple. (Can someone explain the ending to me? PLEASE let it not be a tease for another sequel) Plus, simply just too many characters - most of which are made up for the sake of extra 'pawns' as Magento (Ian McKellen) put it.

Ian's portrayal of Magneto was lazy and frankly just going along for the ride. I'm glad Halle Barry showed up she genuinely seemed to be trying to act. Hugh, well is actually good as Wolverine. Lets hope his solo movie isn't too over blown. Get this, Kelsey Grammer plays a hyper intelligent classic literature quoting doctor. It's so good to see that he can stretch his acting boundaries.

The X-Men have more interesting nemesis than just Magneto. The hint of a Sentinel presence led to just more disappointment. Why bother? To get your core audience excited at a comic convention apparently. I really don't look forward to the Wolverine solo movie - or the Magneto solo movie. There's always Ghost Rider to look forward too...

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