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Get it? She's a Philosopher. So she thinks about stuff. But not smoking....cuz it's a habit..


I did a few experimental images of Hannah Arendt. I haven't ever done this style before - I've always liked the graphic, high contrast look, but just never dabbled in it myself. While technically, it's a simple procedure to mimic, I think the story is in the details. Not being content with just running a couple of photo shop filters (Pencil Sketch and Stamp) I went in with my handy dandy pen and made some detail scribbles. It's always a tough judgment call to know when to pull back, and stop adding detail. This of course, is the dilemma all artists face. Luckily I have Ctrl+Z.

I did these as a Proof Of Concept to myself, and a fellow I work with, Tom Stone ( personal site | blog )- who runs a really cool Philosophy site(s). He's a smart guy, so, I need to make sure I spell everything correctly in this post. He's the founder of EpistemeLinks. And is looking to expand the site's product line with some updated and unique work. So I thought I'd whip something up in a style he suggested.

Hannah is one if the philosophers that I picked as my test subject. I also feel that if you can do a woman (stop the childish giggling) and not make her look like a man, then, the process is a success. Why did I do 3 versions? Well - to be honest, I wasn't sure which image or age range she is most endeared at. Plus, I liked all three pictures that came up most often in my google search. I may experiment with a bit of color, and see if I can sneak into the Pop Art movement.


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