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I don't know what to really say about this film that already hasn't. I admit, I got caught up in the media frenzy, and the Hedger frenzy. I tried to resist. I wanted to walk into the film with a clear mind. But, that's almost as tricky as being a Juror for an O.J. trial. Christopher Nolan really weaves a web balancing action with a complex story. He really pulls out profound performances from the cast.

With this film there's an 800 pound gorilla sitting behind you from the get go. It wouldn't be fair to just talk about Ledger - he was the main attraction, no doubt about it. I stress though that all the main actors did a great job. Bale, again was a tense and cocky Bruce Wayne. Aaron Eckhart evolves convincingly into his darker side. Maggie Gyllenhaal had a sincere charm to her, and genuinely filled that pivotal tie for Bruce to his humanity. Michael Caine's portrayal of the always grounded Alfred showed just enough emotion to show why Bruce needs him, and is his only friend. Gary Oldman played a decent Gordon....he adds as much dimension as possible to a situational character at best. Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox as Morgan Freeman. No stretch there. The only weak spot is Eric Roberts. He plays more of a caricature of an Italian mobster. He plays himself, with a crappy Italian accent. I found him annoying actually - I really have a hard time taking him seriously at all. I think it's his fucking hair... always the same in every movie.

Then there's that 800 pound gorilla. The main attraction. Heath.

His interpretation is so unique, so disturbing, so chillingly evil I actually found myself engulfed in his dementia. His voice, very un-Heath like and at times courts an ode to James Cagney. His character twitches, and had nuances. Folks, Ledger becomes the Joker. You forget that the guy who crapped his way through "A Knight's Tale" is under that sloppy, maniacal make up.

The one main though that kept intruding throughout my 2 viewings. Joker doesn't die, how can Nolan write him out of the third film? Joker is the quintessential villain. A villain without remorse, and does it just to do it. Not having him in the third - - I almost rather not have a third.

Batman villains have a nasty trait of being over the top, and frankly - ridiculous. I feel right now that any other villian will pale, and that's not fair really. If Hedger hadn't died, would the buzz be what it was. Obviously not. But, his acting, and the quality of the film stands on it's own, and hands down the best Comic Book adaption to date.


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Sinclair Klugarsh said...

Top to bottom you're absolutely right. The only spot where my opinion veers is Eric Roberts. He amuses me in this.

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