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So I get the itch to get a new phone, and switch to a new carrier. I have Cingular now - and it's been satisfactory for me for the past few years. I loose signal inside of Wegmans and Wal-Mart. Aside from the occasional random dropped call, I really can't complain. So being cheap as I am, I decide to buy and port my number through a 3rd party company. Wirefly. I bought my current phone through them last year (and get a 1 year contract too). That went just fine. So I decide to go through them again for my upgrade.

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It's a Motorola E815. Bluetooth, supposedly all the bells and whistles. Quite and upgrade from my current V600. So I get the phone and my number gets ported, and I love Verizon, and get to sync all my data via Bluetooth.


No. Not even close. First off, I had the phone for 3 weeks waiting the whole time for my number to get ported. I call Wirefly's "customer support" over and over, each time (after 5 min of recorded CRAP) the customer support (BTW Indian) assured me that the problem would be solved within 48 hours. Well it never did. Before I finally cancelled the whole deal, I did a little research on Verizon, and this new phone I had sitting idle. I tried to link to my Mac via Bluetooth. They saw each other. Neat-o. So I took a snapshot and tried to send it to the Mac. No luck....Mac says the phone doesn't support that feature. Hmmmm. Tried to sync my address book. Mac says the phone doesn't support that feature. Hmmm.. Tried to send a (Mp3,Mpeg4, photo,etc...) Every time, Mac says, the phone does not support that feature. I need my custom rings. I need my custom screens. I need to take photos (where would this blog be?). I guess Verizon wants you to use their camera phone network. No free bluetooth transfers..

So I slueth. I find this handy dandy chart on Verizon's oh-so-easy to navigate site. Turns out Verizon like to lock out most of the useful Bluetooth features. Especially usful features, such as address book syncing, and media swaping. I mean, why would I want to actually use a feature, that I was built into the phone? I could unlock the phone, using special hacking tricks, and void out any warranty in the process.... Whatever. Verizon blows for crippling hardware features. Some of us use Bluetooth for more than linking to overpriced hands free units.

Screw off Verizon, screw off Wirefly.

Now I wait for my order refund. I wonder what crap I'll get nailed with now...


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