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Those of you that know me personally, understand that I have an affinity for action figures. I have a large collection at home ( and plan to eventually photograph it all ). One of my recent acquisitions was a Galactus figure. To get Galactus you had to collect his body parts by buying seven other figures in the Marvel Legends series IX from Toy Biz. Then assemble him. He stands at sixteen inches tall, by far one of the tallest figures in my collection. When I finally did assemble him, I had an idea to photograph him in various poses, and create a marketing piece. I've always admired how McFarlane Toys photographs their figures, and I really wanted to try my hand at it - my way.

Here is a size comparison between Galactus and a standard G.I. Joe figure;

Some of the original photos:

Clickable thumbnails;

Final composition, you can use these as desktop wallpaper;




Galactus is a Marvel Comics character. The action figure was created by Toy Biz.

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