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Not really. But in the spirit of DIY I entered our fav lil monkey in an adult swim (cartoon network) contest. The prize is for a car, which would be neat-o groovy, but I took it as an opportunity to get off my ass and put an animation together. You'll see two links below, one is to view the submission that I sent to adult swim. It doesn't have any credits, or naughty words and had to be under 20 mb. The other link is an uncensored version, as I prefer to present Paint Monkeys, Inc. It's bigger, and better, and has naughty content that I removed for the sesitive Cartoon Network folks.

I doubt I'll win, as it's pretty offensive material. But, considering what I do see on the air - I'm on par. Either way it's done, and maybe someone will take interest and flip the bill for a full blown pilot episode.

Enjoy. Be patient, the files are big. Wear headphones. Update your QuickTime viewer as I use the H.264 (HD) compression scheme.

*Update* I moved the vids to my .mac site so the files would stream faster. You can also download them and share with all your lame friends that don't have high speed internet.

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