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A while back I donated some work to an auction for GoArt!. They're a great organization, and I received a grant through them a few years ago. They help a large number of artist in Genesee and Orleans county by coordinating shows and facilitating grants and general arts integration. I've had the honor of being on a handful of grant review boards, and it's always great to help make some kind of an arts impact. Someday, I'd like to do more full time work with them, but for now, I have to work for a living.

Anyhow, I do like to help when I can. So I donated some work - more accurately the commitment to do work for the lucky bidder. What I was donating was a portrait for inclusion in my current series. Well, that was the plan...the winning bidder asked that her granddaughters be painted. Even though this isn't what my current series is about, and I normally don't do kids - I agreed since she donated a generous $300. I ended up getting photos of her, and her daughter in law which I will eventually use for the portrait series. More on those later.

For now here's the Girls;

In progress;



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Anonymous said...


These are my nieces that you are painting. I'm intrigued by the work so far. I look forward to seeing the finished product(s).

Kind regards,
Dave Danesh

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