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The Evesdropper
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Questions I'm asked while sitting at the Mandaly Bay Starbucks working..

1. Are you an artist? (as it's very plain that I'm working on an illustration on my Powerbook.)

2. Do you do this for a living (Whilst my Powerbook, and Wacom tablet are being used as well as a sketchbook and project notes are also on the table.

3. Do you have a business card. (no) I'm and artist, not a business man.

4. Isn't it hard working with all this noise? (No, I enjoy the chaos.)

5. Do you draw animals (only the most brutal and ignorant, people.)

6. I have a cousin that draws pretty good too. (I don't give a fuck).

This is of course a fantasy. No one has bothered me yet, and I'm insulted. In my insane vanity I really crave the attention that I most surreally deserve for being gifted. Sure I've had a few gawkers, but no one has said a word to me, well except, "Do you get a wireless connection here?". (No, and I'm dying to check how many more views my flickr account has received....). I'm sure though that these peeps would ask me any of these questions, if they weren't so humbled by my presence. Of course there is a conference going on for Graphic Designs (which my company is to cheap to pay for their star designer to attend). And everyone knows that graphic designers are insanely jealous of illustrators. Font this biatch!

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