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I've meet some pretty cool folks through Model Mayhem over the past few months. In my ever present need for faces (and bodies too) Model Mayhem ( has proven very helpful. Well, it's more of a vessel - the models have been the real help. So as I send out feelers trying to lure models into my lowbudget photo shoot world, I came across a lady named Adrienne who happens to be model, as well as a photographer. ( Like Christy, she's talented on either side of the camera lense). She invited me to a 'shoot out' where a bunch of models run around in different outfits and underwear while photographers shoot a ton of photos. Christy and I went to our first one this past Sat, (6/3/06) and it was a blast. I look forward to the next one in July.

So I posted some of the photos (I have more, I just haven't had time to do post production on them all yet) to my flickr site. Click on Samatha's pic to go to the set..


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