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So we have a big house, some have said way too big for just two people. We don't care. Christy and I bust our asses and we enjoy coming home and having sanctuary. Even though the village of Holley apparently enjoys screwing home owners - we persist. But every bogus tax increase gnaws at us little by little every time.

Our house is 93% complete, and solid. The previous owners were contractors, and rebuilt the house after a major fire about 15 years ago. In fact portions on the attic still have exposed scorched wood, like scars.

If your following along, we haven't had to do much work on the house. I'm and lazy ass artist, computer freak, paint monkey and Christy is a graphic designer, homemaker kinda gal. We ain't carpenters. So, thankfully not much has needed repair.

But, and I say...BUT...

The porch roof sprung a leak. And as I explored the damage I realized the damage was more than just a freak happening. It's been building up over the course of a few years. The damage extends from the ceiling/roof of the porch, to the base of our tower, and up around the window directly above. The culprit, other than some half-assed flashing, was where the roof meets the tower. Water hits that corner from a super steep roof, slams the corner and pours down blasting the window frame. From there water gets backed up, and eventually pools and finds it's way into areas it shouldn't go.

Insurance co. says it's not covered. I say Insurance co. is full of shit. I also say that our lawyer needs to review our policy. But that's a gripe for another day.

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