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Christy and I just returned from visiting my parents in Mesquite Nevada. While we were there we visited a few monuments; Zion National Park, Byrce Canyon and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. If you're into hiking, then these places are perfect for you. My only regret was not having a higher calibur digital camera. But alas - regrets are for the dying. On the last day we visited Las Vegas. I'll have more commentary and other photos at the Camera Phone Gallery about Vegas, and other trip happenings.

While most of my photos are private, I do have a few compilations that I thought would be of interest.

"Freemont Street 2005"
On our last night, I roamed the old downtown, a.k.a. Freemont Street. It has a certain charm that the main strip lacks. I wanted to photograph the signage. Eventually I'll do more with these images, but for now I'll share what I have.

"North Rim, Grand Canyon 2005"
One of the highlights for me was to visit the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I've seen the west rim, and there is a stark contrast. While the west rim is dead and barren, and a spectacular display of scarred landscape, the north rim is full of life, very green and far more full of life. For this assembly I took about 20 or so photos and used Photoshop CS2's photomerge feature. It does a pretty good inital job, but I needed to touch it up. Doesn't beat a good panoramic camera, but it's what I had, and it's what I did.

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