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Christy and I went to Nevada to visit my parents in September. They live in Mesquite Nevada, a little over a hour east of Las Vegas, right next to the Arizona border. It was great to see them, and I love the desert scenery. It always seems like alien landscape, as if we're on Mars, compared to lush are ever green (when we're not covered in snow) NY state. The hot days are wonderful without the humidity we're used to. Makes a 99 degree day very bearable.

One of the days my parents drove us to a shooting range that a friend of theirs, Mike, works at. It was an amazing sporting range, wide open on any side for miles, set into a canyon floor. While there I got a chance to shoot Skeet and Trap. Up till that moment I never shot a gun a moving target, so I was sure to do miserably. But I quickly got used to the action part of the sport, and before long I was nailing those quick buzzing clay pigeons. In my first round I hit 17 out of 20 targets. In my second go around I scored an 18 out 20. Not bad, but I was trained on Doom, Unreal, and Counterstrike - who says games rot your brain. I've been subtly trained over all these vast years to be a marksman.

Clickable thumbnails;

I'm envious of Mike's pistol collection, this is but a small sample;

Oh yeah, Vegas and the Grand Canyon were cool too. I made some pretty pictures from those trips.

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